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Eligibility requirements for attending training in EMDR therapy are set by New Zealand's regulatory body: EMDRNZ. They have used similar requirements to those found in many European countries and the USA. EMDR therapy is complex and requires a high degree of experience and prior advanced academic training in interpersonal therapies. If you are unsure if you meet the requirements set out below, please click on "Contact" above and give me  an outline of your training and therapy experience. 

Qualifications for Attending Training:

New Zealand: EMDR New Zealand Association Accreditation Guidelines:


Minimum Criteria for EMDR Practitioners and Training with Dr Tom Flewett:

Prerequisites for Participation in Basic training in EMDR

Training is restricted to mental health professionals (with relevant clinical experience) who have a minimum of a four year tertiary qualification (post-graduate diploma level or equivalent) or higher relevant to the mental health sector: a minimum of NZQA level 8. Overseas trained clinicians working in NZ must ensure that their qualifications are equivalent to NZQA Level 8 (post-graduate diploma level or equivalent) or higher. Qualification includes:

  1. Fully registered health professionals with specialist training in mental health (Psychiatry, Clinical Psychology, Psychotherapists, Nurses, Mental Health Social Workers, Occupational Therapists). Training needs to include experience in specific psychological interventions like CBT, DBT, and Structured Interpersonal Therapies.
  2. Mental health professionals not covered by New Zealand legislation:
    e.g. Counsellors, who have a minimum of fours years academic study in a relevant mental health area, incl. Master’s degree or have completed post-graduate qualifications (Honours, Post-Graduate Diploma or higher); have undertaken training in structured psychological interventions and have worked two years full-time (or part-time equivalent) under supervision in a mental health setting. Addiction training (DAPAANZ membership) is not considered adequate qualification. 
  3. All clinicians must be fully registered (not provisional registration) with their professional association.
  4. Registration with PBANZ may satisfy eligibility criteria.

Other professions may be considered but should have relevant academic qualifications, training in psychological interventions and work experience in the mental health sector.


International Applicants

Applicants from outside of New Zealand must check with their own country's EMDR Association to ensure they meet the eligibility criteria to apply to undertake the trainings. You should only apply to undertake the training if you meet your country's eligibility criteria.