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 2019 Basic Training in Wellington with Dr Tom Flewett

2020 Basic Trainings in Wellington with Dr Tom Flewett

Child EMDR Training

EMDR and Dissociation 


Part 1 and 2  (Weekends 1 & 2) Trainings 2019

Part  (W/E) 1 and 2 Date




 Part (W/E) 2 

Monday - Wednesday

4-6 November 2019

La Bella Italia Business Centre,

10 Nevis Street, Petone, Wellington 5012 




La Bella Italia


Presented by: Dr Tom Flewett

Apply for Training

This training is now fully subscribed. The waiting list is now closed. We are also planning another Part 2 training in April 2020. We will have the exact dates up on the website by the end of August.

Lunch, morning and afternoon tea

included in the price

Please note that registration on Day 1 is at 8.00am. The training is from 8.30 - 5 each day. If you need to leave early for any reason, you will need to make up the time lost with either the trainer or a facilitator to meet the requirements of the Institute Training in order to receive your Certificate of Completion. This may incur an additional cost.


Basic Trainings 2020.

 Part 1 training likely to be in March 2020 

Part 2 training likely to be in April 2020. 

When we have finalised dates (by late winter 2019), we will put them up and accept applications.  



Masterclass/Advanced EMDR Training


Dr Tom Flewett and Astrid Katzur

There are plans to run this training again in 2020. Dates are being considered at the moment. 


This 3 day workshop is for EMDR Clinicians who have completed the requirements for EMDR Basic training. It is a practical skills-based workshop to help you learn a variety of techniques to enable EMDR Therapy to be used safely and successfully with dissociative clients. During the 3 days, you will have opportunities to practice these techniques in groups of 2.

 All of the techniques taught are designed to facilitate re-processing of traumatic memories using EMDR Therapy.



Advanced Training on Dissociation and EMDR.  Save the date

EMDRNZ is hoping to host Dr. Sandra Paulsen, PhD present a 2 day training Friday -Saturday 5,6 June 2020. The likely venue is Wellington.

Sandra Paulsen, PhD, is a clinical and consulting psychologist who has used EMDR and ego state therapy to help many trauma survivors heal for over a quarter century. She uses the early trauma approach of EMDR in combination with somatic methods, an intuitive understanding of traumatic reenactment experience, and ego state work to transform and repair trauma held in implicit memory.


Child EMDR Training.


4 March 2020 Workshop: Treating Chronically Traumatized Children. 

The Sleeping Dogs method By Arianne Struik  Flyer

Date: Wednesday the 4th of March 2020 9.00-4.00 pm  Location: to be determined in Christchurch Costs: 275 NZD no GST including the book Treating Chronically Traumatized Children (Struik, 2019) and morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea). 

Registration: Information/ inquiries please email Arianne Struik on 


EMDR Child Training 5 and 6 March 2020 Christchurch NZ for minimum level I trained EMDR therapists.  Flyer

 Dates: 5 and 6 March 2020 (9.00 am till 5.00 pm)  Costs: 890 NZD no GST including lunch and materials. There is an early bird discount of 40 NZD upon registration before 1 October 2019!

Registration: Information: